What is ETMA?
ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association, is an independent non-profit association that was established by Solutions Providers for Solutions Providers.
Through its Executive Board, Solutions Providers set the association’s agenda and priorities.
All actions are designed to serve our member companies, not to profit from them.

ETMA offers resources to promote industry knowledge, raise awareness, improve the quality of enterprise technology solutions & reduce the time for organizations to buy solutions.

Mission/Purpose: Deliver Value for Its Members
• Help members grow through a network of ecosystem partners, sales channel expansion, and alliance partnerships.
• Grow the size of the Enterprise Technology Management market.
• Promote the industry to enterprises, carriers and analysts.
• Foster ongoing performance improvement through open industry standards and best practices.
• Promote fair, ethical business practices to ensure a positive industry image, and take action on ethics complaints.
• Influence and educate enterprises of the value proposition and to reduce the time it takes to close deals and avoid “no decision” situations.