ETMA Member Benefits

ETMA provides opportunities for: C-Level networking, business development and collaboration to….

  1. Help members grow through a network of ecosystem partners, sales channel expansion, and alliance partnerships to extend their capabilities through partnerships or sell capabilities to business partners.
  2. Membership helps accelerate steps to buy a competitor, sell your firm or raise capital to expand.
  3. As a leader, it is your job to know the market. ETMA membership helps you go beyond stereotypes to gain market intelligence, learn industry trends and innovative new ways to increase sales and profits.
  4. Members can participate in the ETMA Market Place to find partners and identify capabilities that other firms want to sell, buy or license.
    • Members can upload Offers and buyers can search for them.
    • Members can also make Requests (anonymously) for a capability and receive responses.
    • Members create a profile of categories they wish to receive emails.
  5. ETMA members have a seat at the table to shape the industry in positive ways.
  6. ETMA’s website homepage accepts members’ RSS feeds to automatically post summaries and links raising your firms profile, helping with SEO and web traffic.
  7. ETMA promotes members’ perspective and develops thought-leadership material through Blogs and or Podcasts.
    • Members provide blogs and ETMA will interview or simply record and post the podcast.
    • Members provide their point of view and the Subject Matter Expert.
    • Members receive a link that can be posted on their website for the podcast and blog.
    • ETMA will promote the material on social media with 200,000 + viewers.
    • Help members with SEO, increased website traffic, and raise your industry profile.
    • There is no cost for ETMA members to participate.
  8. Joining ETMA enables firms to signify internally and externally the attainment of an important milestone: maturation of their company through membership in the industry association. Membership shows that a firm has passed from startup to a more mature sustainable phase. Its leaders have time to invest in more than the survival of their firm. As a firm matures, it understands one of the key principals behind the association: what is good for one firm is usually good for the entire industry. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”
  9. ETMA members’ agree to abide by the ETMA Ethics Code which establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to clients.
  10. Members can use the ETMA logo on their website and include membership in marketing and sales materials.
  11. Members seek to support ETMA’s mission of advocating for the industry.
  12. Members are featured in press releases and case studies on the ETMA website.

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