ETMA Committees

Member-Led Initiatives for Industry Advancement

Join a Committee and Help Shape the Future of the Market

ETMA Committees

Executives' Committee

Participants are CEOs; Presidents or Manage a large business unit.

  • Gather executives from member companies to meet to discuss key issues.
  • Forum to discuss challenges.
  • Connect and network with peers.

New Members & Engagement

  • Identify and actively recruit new member companies.
  • Find the best ways to drive value from ETMA membership and for ETMA. 
  • Engage other executives from new members’ companies.

CTO/Technology Management & Security Advisory Council

  • Discuss enterprises’ technology adoption and new business opportunities.
  • Share information metrics/data.

Professional Development Book Club

  • Each member selects a business or self-improvement book.

  • Discuss impact in professional, corporate, and individual life.

Small and Midsize Market

  • Forum for our members to discuss challenges selling and serving the small and midsize market. 

Thought Leadership Speakers

  • Identify thought leadership speakers tailored for conferences physical and virtual.

  • Educational (not sales pitches).

  • Industry suppliers, carriers, and experts.

Customer Retention

  • For members’ retention of their clients
  • Identify the most effective customer retention strategies.
  • Evaluate monitoring techniques for a feedback loop.

Monetize ETMA Data

  • Investigate options to aggregate member data to identify unique trends.

  • Potential examples purchasing behavior of Fortune and Global 1000 related to carriers, mobile devices, security, etc.

Best Practices Standards, KPIs, Metrics, Benchmarks, Carrier Billing

  • Develop KPIs, Benchmarks and Open Industry Standards.
  • Monitor the market and its future health.
  • Provide information to make cost effective decisions.
  • Work to improve Carrier Billing; Discuss and troubleshoot issues with processing carrier billing.

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

  • Communicate the stakes and business opportunities.

  • Identify regulatory obligations that apply to clients.

  • Share information metrics/data.

  • Discuss solutions to manage the digital workplace carbon footprint.

Executive Board

Provide governance, policy oversight, leadership, and promotion to support the organization’s mission and needs. The board’s mission is to raise awareness and knowledge of technology solutions , to improve the quality and value of industry offerings through the development and promotion of open industry standards.

Become a board member:

Members of the board make recommendations based on his or her experience and vantage point in the industry. Board members should be CEOs, Presidents, principals, senior members, owners, or in the case of large organizations with many business interests, the practice leaders. All board members work for or be formally associated with ETMA members in good standing who are current with their dues and fees in accordance with the rules of the association. Membership on the board is tied to the member company. 

Each Board Member serves a two year term. Elections are staggered to allow for annual elections with a portion of new board members that are elected each year.  Learn more about Board Responsibilities and Expectations.

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