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Top 3 Reasons to Join ETMA

1. ETMA provides opportunities for: C-Level networking, business development and collaboration to….

2.  Raise the Industry Profile through the Ethics Code and Industry Standards.

ETMA members obligation to the Code of Ethics, establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to clients.

3. Gain Market intelligence, learn Industry Trends and innovative new ways to increase profit.


Below are additional reasons to join ETMA.

4. ETMA members want a seat at the table to shape the industry in positive ways.

5. ETMA members find value in networking to develop new business partnerships to extend and strengthen their capabilities for clients’ needs.

6. Joining ETMA enables members to signify internally and externally the attainment of an important milestone and maturation of their company through membership in the industry association.

Membership shows that a firm has passed from startup to a more mature sustainable phase. Its leadership have time to invest in more than survival of their firm. As a firm matures, it understands one of the key principals behind the association:  what is good for one firm is usually good for the entire industry. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” This is an important milestone for startups

7. They seek to raise their stature in the industry through ETMA membership.

8. They partner with ETMA and its PR / social media activities to help grow their firms’ brand awareness and SEO.

Erik Eames is inducted into ETMA Industry Hall of Fame.

9. They seek to meet and learn about competitors and potential partners in a safe environment.

10. They don’t want to miss out on industry news and activities.

11.  They are interested in buying a competitor, selling their firm or raising capital to expand.

12.  They wish to support ETMA’s mission of advocating for the industry.

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Membership in the association provides benefits to Solution Providers.

Member firms adhere to a Code of Ethics.

The association is funded by the member companies through annual dues based on corporate revenue. Learn more on the annual dues page.

To apply to become a member firm, or associate member, you can contact us now.