Managed Mobility Services

The procurement, deployment and management of mobile devices and apps, PC software and services.

Comprehensive Solution for Mobile Device Management

Mobility has become a core part of most businesses today. Managing mobility on a large scale can be overwhelming without the proper knowledge and resources. Many ETMA member organizations provide varying degrees of Managed Mobility Services to help enterprises keep their mobile workforce secure and efficient.

What is MMS?

Managed Mobility Services (MMS) is the procurement, deployment and management of mobile devices and apps, PC software and services. MMS goes a bit further than traditional WEM programs.
MMS encompasses the IT and process management services, often outsourced to third parties, to acquire, provision and support mobile devices with integrated cellular and/or wireless connectivity. MMS includes the following categories of services:

Under logistics management, many MMS and EMM programs offer kitting where a supplier takes bulk orders and creates a custom kit of peripheral items (chargers, a headset and instructions) that are assembled, tested and shipped in one package to each employee. Increasingly, it also includes in managing the lifecycle of hardware assets with IT Asset Disposition, Buyback and Data Destruction. Securely wiping data from devices is a critical step insuring security when smartphones and other assets are re-sold or disposed.
MMS, or EMM looks at mobile as an entire stack. MMS continues through usage to recycling and a dozen steps in between. MDM is one part of MMS, not the entire solution. Starting with mobile policies that guide decision-making on bring-your-own-device policies, MMS engagements also provide a level of control to organizations that have employees who seek to access corporate resources and information on individual liable, or bring your own devices.
By offering services that extend the life of the phone, this enterprise-level platform helps reduce the management burden on already overburdened IT staff.

Other Technologies

ETMA members collaborate to offer software and services for managing diverse technologies from expenses to IoT and AI.

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