April 9th-11th

Transform Your Business & Grow Your Channel Sales

Join ETMA in Puerto Rico

Designed to provide networking for new channel sales

Grow adjacent revenue through strategic partnerships.

Gain new operational efficiencies for back-end processes.

Network smarter with other industry leaders.

On average, after each our last two conferences, attendees reported they formed 2.8 new partnerships with firms they were not doing business with before the conference.

Discuss industry trends, challenges, new revenue sources, and more!

Sessions will do a deep dive into the lifecycle of ITFM, Mobility, TEM, and more.

It starts on Tuesday, April 9 with a pre-conference dinner.

Sessions are April 10th–11th from 10 AM-4 PM followed by dinner.


Golf or Activity: 8-2 PM

Welcome Dinner: 6pm-8pm


Sessions: 10am-4pm

Dinner: 6:30pm-8:30pm


Sessions: 10am-4pm 

Dinner: 7pm-9pm


Optional Activity to be determined: 10am-2pm

Grow your network with new partners.

ETMA plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth of its members during meetings, leveraging its extensive ecosystem and network of business partners.

The participation of Presidents, CEOs, and business development members adds a valuable dimension to these gatherings.

To streamline the conference experience, attendees benefit from a contact list, enabling them to schedule and pre-plan meetings effectively before the event kicks off.

This strategic approach ensures that each interaction is purposeful and contributes to the overall success of the conference.

Enjoy the beach at the award-winning Condado Plaza Hilton

The conference hotel is right on the beach. It has stunning views and great amenities. This beachfront oasis is the perfect extension to your conference stay. The Condado Plaza Hilton is located at 999 Ashford Dr. San Juan Puerto Rico. Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is 7 miles from the hotel. Ferdinando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport is 2 miles from the hotel, but smaller with just one runway.  Extend your stay for an extra day or the weekend with our special rate. 

ETMA Awards

At the conference, there will be voting for three awards: Innovation of the Year; Mike O’Neill Giving Back: and Partnership Achievement Award Description.

Click on this link to submit your nomination before February 28, 2024.

Innovation of the Year showcases members’  innovations that solve client(s) challenges.

Mike O’Neill Giving Back for individuals (ETMA members and non-members) who give back to their communities/professions and exemplify the core values of ETMA.

Partnership Achievement recognizes a firm and its partner(s), that have achieved outstanding results. All ETMA members in good standing are eligible to participate in nominating a partnership that may include firms that are not currently members.

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Join ETMA in Puerto Rico

What Attendees Say

“There is no better place to vet your build, partner, or acquire innovative new strategies than ETMA conferences.”
“Psyched to see so many people participating. I’m slightly blown away. This really is a lot more than I expected”
“We just joined ETMA and now find that it is the single most important organization for us connecting technology providers and leadership for the practice.”

Great Conversations, Networking & New Partnerships

If your firm is not an ETMA member, there is a $1000 guest fee per attendee. When your firm joins ETMA within 60 days of the conference, ETMA will credit your guest fee(s) to reduce your firm’s annual dues expense. Learn more about dues.

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