Industry Awards

Celebrating Excellence

Raising Industry Standards & Promoting Solutions

ETMA seeks to raise industry standards, recognize its members and promote the value of solutions through its awards:

  • Partnership Achievement
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Mike O’Neill Giving Back
Submit your nomination before the February 28, 2024 deadline.  Rules are listed below.

ETMA Award Categories

Innovation of the Year showcases members’  innovations that solve client(s) challenges and create new solutions.

Partnership Achievement recognizes a firm and its partner(s), that have achieved outstanding results. ETMA members are eligible to participate nominating a partnership that may include firms that are not currently members. This award aligns with a key goal of ETMA seeking to create an ecosystem of business partners with new:

  • Operational efficiencies for back-office processes.
  • Sales through channel sales & partnerships.

Mike O’Neill Giving Back for individuals (ETMA members and non-members) who give back to their communities/  professions and exemplify the core values of ETMA.

Peer-Recognized Excellence

Award winners are selected by ETMA members. Industry participants are the toughest critics, and these solutions providers are best positioned to determine which organizations truly exemplify the award criteria. This approach avoids favoritism and ensures that the winners have done something that is objectively outstanding.

Shaping ETMA's Future and Industry Landscape

The awards are part of a broader initiative to lead the association into its next era. Most of our members’ offerings are driven by the transformation of the workplace through technology.

Championing Excellence and Advancement

Finally, the awards align with ETMA’s mission of promoting the value of technology management, enhancing the category image to promote service quality and innovation.

Members are encouraged to submit their applications for these awards prior to the meeting through responses to the ETMA newsletter and website.

Award Rules

  • Members and Non-Members may nominate a person for the Mike O’Neill Giving Back Award. Only ETMA members are eligible to nominate and vote for Partnership Achievement and Innovation of the Year Award.
  • The deadline to submit nominations is February 28. 
  • Nominate your firm and send separate recordings, 3 minutes or less, for each nomination.
  • Voting will take place at the conference. You must be present at the conference to vote.
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