Best Practices and Carrier Billing Strategies

If you work for a carrier, please  contact us to discuss ways ETMA can work proactively with you to improve billing.
This post has one strategy and two important new developments with a carrier virtually all firms  have. 
Best Practice Shortcut Use Gender Neutral Names
ETMA members support efforts to secure clients confidential data as part of its ethics code. However, many members suggesting using a gender neutral name (Pat, Terry, Jamie, etc.) to avoid issues when an employee transfers out from one client’s team into another team. If a TEM employee leaves, the passwords can be changed to secure client data.
Your Digits
Verizon Wireless is starting to require a four digit personal code in addition to the password to access billing, get the balance and all other information. This is a good practice because it adds additional security to confidential enterprise client billing data. However, when there is no advance warning of the requirement, it can cause problems for firms that have short time frames to process bills.
No Job Title, NO LOA
During the Verizon strike, a number of firms reported that there were other unexpected changes in procedures. Letters of Authorization (LOAs) that had been on file with Verizon for three years were suddenly being rejecting due to missing job titles! This requires service providers to submit a request for clients to get updated LOAs, which can take weeks if it has to go through a client’s legal department. (This might have been limited to contacts with fill in employees during the strike.)

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