Electronic Device Manufacturer

Customer and Challenge

With the myriad of telecom vendors, too many bills, too many different billing systems and formats the IT department leaders of this Silicon Valley Company decided they did not have the internal resources or expertise to manage it themselves. They researched solutions providers with the expertise, software, managed services and reporting capabilities necessary to meet their needs.

As the leading manufacturer of integrated circuits, memory chips, and static random-access memories (SRAMS) the biggest problem was managing all the voice, data and wireless services activity. With over 20 US locations and 2,500 employees the customer’s internal IT staff needed a firm that could deploy expense management software as well as managed services.


The firm selected performed a thorough and in-depth inventory of all the services, invoices, circuits and wireless devices. As a result of this process they were able to drop the number of Invoices from 85 to 31 through consolidation and aggregation. In addition they eliminated 105 lines of services – voice, data and wireless. This resulted in savings of over $350,000 in the first year alone. By the end of the third month, all of the invoices were managed by the solutions provider they selected and the firm was providing ongoing management and reporting directly to the client. All Voice, Data, Wireless and Conference calling orders are managed, and wireless or network issues that arise are managed by the supplier. The client’s employees now receive automated reports to their email on a scheduled basis and Department Managers now have access to all their employees’ corporate paid services – reducing time and saving money.

The cost savings both from the initial audit and ongoing management of services is averaging two and a half times the fees paid for the service. Senior Management is pleased to know that every service is now ordered and delivered on-time and billed according to the contracted terms.

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