About the ETMA Market Place

ETL Market Place - Members Buy and Sell Invoice Readers

The ETMA Market Place enables firms to post requests for capabilities, post offers, search for capabilities and search for offers of products, services and invoice readers (Extract, Transform, Load, or ETL). After finding a match, the potential buyer identifies themselves and contacts the seller. 

ETL Market Place Members, please register, download the template, and upload your offers and search for capabilities.

This is ETMA’s first product, but ETMA will not be charging for this service; it is one of the benefits of membership.

ETMA seeks to match sellers and buyers of capabilities. The market place will allow firms to search for capabilities and identify sellers. After finding a match, complete the transaction off line with the other firm.

What Capabilities Does the ETMA Market Place Offer?

There are currently 12 categories that can be used for offers or making a request: 1) Bill Readers; 2) International; 3) Mobility (This category has several subcategories: Mobile Hardware (buy/sell devices); Reverse Logistics: Depot Services: Spare Pool Management; Device Recycle; Repair; Destruction; RMA Acquisition: Forward Logistics: Device Staging; Kitting; Configuration; Device MDM/UEM enrollment; EMM/MMS; MDM/UEM/MAM managed services or licensing; Mobile Security; Device Insurance; Help Desk: End User Support; IoT 4) TEM (This category has several subcategories: Inventory Build; Audit Telecom XP Validation) 5) Carrier Services, Master Agent, ISV, VAR, SI 6) Procurement/Sourcing; 7) AP Automation: Bill Pay, Virtual Credit Card; 8) IT, Cloud, XP Management; 9) Utility XP Management 10) Integration: API, ITSM, ITAM, HR, E-Bonding, Enterprise & Third Party; 11) Supply Chain Optimization: Fleet Management, Logistics 12) Other.

I’d Never Buy or Sell from a Competitor…

It is nearly impossible to meet all clients’ needs. Sometimes the capability can be very complex and require substantial capital investment and time to develop. In other cases, it can be minor. For example most firms have 80% or more of their bill readers already in place. There are obscure categories/vendors/countries for bill readers that a firm does not have. ETMA members have reach into many obscure categories that clients probably want. Because the volume is low, it is unlikely to be an area of major competitive differentiation. It is probably an area that eventually needs to be addressed.

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