ETMA Inventory Standard for Fixed Wireline, Mobile and IT

Inventory for fixed wireline, mobile and IT provide a critical foundation for all programs.

Download the “ETMA Inventory Standard for Fixed Wireline, Mobile and IT” paper.

Inventory management should not be thought of as a onetime event that merely focuses on capturing information from the day a program is implemented. It is an ongoing process which requires an ongoing sustained effort to gather, reconcile and validate information. Gathering unnecessary information can add costs to a project. On the other hand, failing to gather inventory elements that are needed to manage expenses and the services that an enterprise uses, can lead to an ineffective program that delivers poor performance.

This industry standard for fixed wireline, mobile and IT inventory will help enterprises make better decisions when selecting providers, lead to better performance and increased customer satisfaction. It offers valuable information that can be used in pre-sales and after implementing a program to help clarify a critical area which impacts the bottom line for everyone.

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