Partnership Achievement Award: Juvo Technologies & 4Telecom Help

ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association, formerly TEMIA the Technology Expense Management Industry Association, membership voted to select Juvo Technologies and 4Telecom Help for the Partnership Achievement award at a recent conference in Nashville.
4TelecomHelp was licensing four different software applications to manage clients’ needs. Through a relationship that was formed at ETMA/TEMIA conferences, the two firms created a bond of trust which enabled them to develop a business partnership. Unlike other arrangements, this relationship did not include a merger or acquisition.
The partnership was announced at the Spring 2017 ETMA/TEMIA Conference in New Orleans. The objective was to move all 4TelecomHelp customers to a single integrated SaaS platform without either company loosing revenue. The two firms met frequently to understand the similarities and differences between each of their corporate cultures and functions. Both firms grew as they overcame many challenges.
The project began with a data review, which identified the need to normalize terminology and creation of a data dictionary. The upgraded software, using JUVO source code, was rebranded 4T-Titan software. By June 2017, 90% of the client implementations to the new platform were complete. In addition to completing the client migrations to the new software platform on time, the firms have grown in interesting new area.
John Schroder, President of Juvo Technologies said, “a true partnership should create positive outcomes for both parties. This award validates that both Juvo and 4TelecomHelp are better positioned to serve their clients than before.” Juvo has seen three principal “positives.” First, its functionality has been improved, thanks to 4Telecom Help’s input. Second, through this process, Juvo’s software has been subject to a comprehensive client audit. Finally, Juvo’s platform now has distinct options: source code purchase, white label options, and bill pay modules.
Jill Plouffe, President of 4TelecomHelp, said, “Our partnership with Juvo leveraging its 4T-Titan software is a game changer. Today, our firm is better positioned to manage the fast client growth we have had and continue its acceleration in the future. Our people are benefiting from better collaboration improved alignment and more efficient work flows.”
Joe Basili, Managing Director for ETMA, said, “This award shines a spotlight on Juvo and 4Telecom Help. Competitors are the toughest critics. They are also best positioned to determine which organizations truly exemplify the award criteria.”
The Partnership Achievement award supports ETMA’s mission of promoting the value of networking and collaboration among its members to promote service quality and innovation. The selection include peer voting on a criteria which included consideration of the challenges, importance of the partnership and the achievements it produced. ETMA seeks to raise industry standards, recognize its members’ achievements and promote the value of solutions through the Partnership of the Year Award.
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