ETMA Works to Establish Market for Members to Buy and Sell Capabilities

Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA) members have begun to establish a new market for members to buy and sell bill reader (Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) capabilities. Normalizing bill data is crucial to enterprises, Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Managed Mobility Service (MMS) Providers. Solutions Providers must manage a large range of international and cloud invoices, reading different formats in an automated manner. Each format provided by the vendors can change during the year; this adds to the complexity of the work.

Customers with international or global footprint expect to have all telecom and IT vendor invoices processed by their TEM and MMS provider. The challenge of developing specialized ETL capabilities for all the different countries in which international enterprises operate globally is huge. In many cases, the actual volume of vendor invoices in each country can be small. This means TEM and MMS providers incur high costs to develop bill reader and extraction capabilities, but it is difficult to have the volumes necessary to amortize these development costs.

ETMA will help its members by creating a marketplace for members to buy and sell invoice readers,extraction and translation capabilities. With the ETL market place, ETMA members will be able to leverage the expertise of other member firms and insure high-quality management of the data from a large range of countries, carriers, and other service providers. In addition, TEM and MMS solution providers that have developed these capabilities will now be able to amortize their development costs by reselling these capabilities to other solution providers.

ChristianCor, CEO of Saaswedo said, “Each ETMA member has invested to develop some high value capabilities to manage various specific vendor invoices in different regions around the world. Being able to secure good ETL capabilities using best-in-class capabilities for each operator for services is a game changer and significant opportunity for all of us. We are moving fast to outline processes, develop common standards, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), a legal framework and standard pricing. The ETL market will raise quality and insure better service for enterprise clients.”

Joe Basili, Managing Director for ETMA, said, “Although participation in the ETL market is completely voluntary, this is very exciting. It is one of those “table stakes”areas for competitors requiring a minimum level of investment in technology. This is no longer a barrier to entry for established players who are likely to be ETMA members. Development of readers, extraction and translation is taken for granted, but there are real costs to providing these capabilities. Freeing firms from part of the expense developing these capabilities will raise service quality and allow firms to focus on areas of differentiation where they excel.”

About Saaswedo

Saaswedo is the provider of Datalert©, a platform solution to monitor and manage real-timemobile data usage across large enterprises.

Saaswedo is an industry leader in Technology Expense Management software and services. For over eighteen years, Saaswedo has provided enterprise solutions to simplify management of assets and telecom policies, monitor and optimize telecom and cloud costs. Saaswedo’s software products have been deployed in 80+ countries, for 10,000 customers representing over 3.5 million devices.

Saaswedo isan active Member of ETMA and referenced by Gartner in the “Cool Vendor inMobile and Wireless Analytics” and the “Market Guide Telecom ExpenseManagement Services”.

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About ETMA

ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association is a non-profit organization with approximately 50 members managing over $71 Billion in enterprise expenses. Its ongoing mission is to raise awareness, foster industry growth, improve the quality and value of solutions,and establish industry standards. Further, ETMA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their clients. ETMA does not sell consulting services or solutions.

Members provide solutions for enterprises in: Technology Management, Managed Services, Expense Management, Telecommunications Management, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Mobile Expense Management, Managed Mobility Services (MMS), Mobile Device Management MDM and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions and other related areas.

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