Mobile Solutions, Social Mobile, and Advantix Partnership Achievement Nominees to Present at ETMA Conference

Award nominees join ETMA to promote technology, telecommunications management, improve quality and service delivery for enterprise clients through partnering.

February 20, 2019 – ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association (formerly TEMIA), announces that Mobile Solutions, Social Mobile, and Advantix are nominees for the Partnership Achievement Award. Nominations will be presented at the ETMA conference on February 19-20 in Denver.

The conference will start with the ETMA executive board addressing the conference theme of The Great Divide: Hype vs. Reality, and things that members are grappling with. Guest speakers include the largest carriers in the world. ETMA has found a balance of speakers that will address matters related to TEM/MMS/WEM and adjacent areas like APIs, GDPR, Sourcing, Artificial Intelligence and more. Panels will also address market valuations; ways to improve quality and service delivery and getting value from ETMA membership.

Nathan Brown, Co-Founder and COO of Advantix said, “It gives me great honor to be viewed as a business leader, possessing the strengths and innovation to drive emerging technologies that propel Advantix and our industry as a whole. In sharing our latest technologies, lessons learned and wins, we continue to elevate our business community to drive operational efficiencies and the best customer experience.”

Social Mobile’s goal is to simplify mobility for enterprise. After extensive conversations with our clients, it was clear companies were stuck when it came to deploying and managing their devices. They were seeking to reduce costs for device management and staging devices using a third party. To combat these unnecessary supply chain time and cost hurdles, Mambo, powered by Social Mobile, partnered with Google to launch its Approved EMM and Authorized Android Zero-Touch Programs. Our clients can now deploy devices quickly and efficiently, and are spending less each month to manage their devices,” said Robert Morcos, Founder and CEO of Social Mobile.

Jim Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of Mobile Solutions said, “The Partnership Achievement award embodies what we do at Mobile Solutions every day. We truly believe in bringing the very best value to our clients. With 42Gears, the solutions our clients needed were efficiently created and implemented. We are thrilled to partner with this premier UEM solution.”

Joe Basili, Managing Director for ETMA, said, “This award shines a spotlight on Advantix, Social Mobile, and Mobile Solutions and ETMA as a catalyst helping firms make meaningful connections. Winning the award is noteworthy because competitors are often the toughest critics. They are also best positioned to determine which organizations truly exemplify the award criteria.”

The Partnership Achievement award supports ETMA’s mission of promoting the value of networking and collaboration among its members to promote service quality and innovation. The peer voting is based on criteria which includes consideration of the challenges, importance of the partnership, and the achievements it produced. ETMA seeks to raise industry standards, recognize its members’ achievements and promote the value of solutions through this award.

About ETMA

ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association is a non-profit organization with approximately 50 members managing over $71 Billion in enterprise expenses. Its ongoing mission is to raise awareness, foster industry growth, improve the quality and value of solutions, and establish industry standards. Further, ETMA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their clients. ETMA does not sell consulting services or solutions.

Members provide solutions for enterprises in: Technology Management, Managed Services, Expense Management, Telecommunications Management, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Mobile Expense Management, Managed Mobility Services (MMS), Mobile Device Management MDM and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.

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