ETMA Ethics Code Elevates Marketplace

ETMA, the Enterprise Technology Management Association, is an independent non-profit that was established by Solutions providers for solutions providers. Through its executive board, solutions providers set its agenda and priorities. It takes on issues which are best addressed by an industry association. One example is use of its Ethics Code to enhance the image and elevate the market for Technology Management, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Managed Mobility Services, (MMS) and related areas.
ETMA is uniquely positioned to establish standards and administer the Ethics Code, which all ETMA members agree to follow. Having an Ethics Code is a natural extension of industry standards and its mission.Chris Thierry, CEO of Cimpl and ETMA Ethics Committee Co-Chair said, “Through the Ethics Code, our industry members agree to a higher standard of competitive sales and marketing practices. We have raised the bar to assure marketing and sales claims are fact based and demonstrate professionalism in the industry.”
Below are some highlights of the ETMA Ethics Code:
• Accuracy and truth in all communications.
• Disclosure to clients of potential conflicts of interest.
• Don’t disparage competitors.
• Win on strengths.
• Treat competitors with mutual respect.
• Communicate the Ethics Code to employees and take responsibility.
David Sonenstein ETMA Secretary and Ezwim Executive Vice President said, “A negative approach that uses FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) to disparage a competitor may be a fast way to get attention, but lacks foresight and ends up doing a lot of damage to our industry as a whole as customers spend more time evaluating exaggerated claims and negative statements rather than evaluating our member companies on their strengths.”
Joe Basili, ETMA Managing Director said, “The organization was founded on the premise that a rising tide lifts all boats. Creating a positive message based on strengths, and differentiators allows members to win business more effectively and in an ethical manner. Periodically firms target specific competitors; this is the nature of our highly competitive market. We want to ensure that firms focus on strengths and avoid disparaging the competition.”
In addition to ETMA’s Ethics Code, the Association has many other benefits for its members. Its bi-annual meetings provide unique opportunities for: C-level networking among peers, industry updates on requirements enterprises are seeking, best practices, most effective ways to provide clients with value, business development and collaboration. ETMA’s meeting, on April 2-4, 2018 feature the theme “Managing in the Age of Disruption.” The attendees included a diverse range of CEOs and Presidents that shape the Technology Expense Management Industry.
Below is a summary for Sales and Marketing professionals.

About ETMA
ETMA is non-profit organization made up of approximately 50 members. Its ongoing mission is to raise awareness, foster industry growth, improve the quality and value of solutions, and establish industry standards. Further, ETMA members subscribe to a Code of Ethics, which clearly establishes standards and differentiates their level of commitment to their clients. ETMA does not sell consulting services or solutions.
Members provide solutions for enterprises in: Technology Management, Managed Services, Expense Management, Telecommunications Management, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Mobile Expense Management, Managed Mobility Services (MMS), Mobile Device Management MDM and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.
Learn more about ETMA online at
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