ETMA Innovation of the Year Award

ETMA seeks to raise industry standards, recognize its members achievements and promote the value of solutions through the ETMA Innovation of the Year Award.
Selection Criteria:

  • Degree of Innovation… How innovative is this?
  • What has been the market response from clients?
  • How is the offering delivered?
  • How is the value proposition being achieved, fulfilled and validated in the marketplace?

Our 2017 Nominees are:

  • Ezwim – Self-Service Ordering and MACD Portal Solutions.
  • Tangoe – a different approach to Managed Mobility Services (MMS).
  • Webbing & Wireless Analytics – IoT-as-a-Service

The winner of ETMA’s Innovation of the Year Award: Wireless Analytics and Webbing USA
They introduced IoT-as-a-Service combining Webbing’s global network, with the kitting, logistics, and managed services portfolio from Wireless Analytics. Learn more about it below. Here is the press release announcement.
Webbing & Wireless Analytics – IoT-as-a-Service
With the explosion of IoT devices companies struggle to bring products and solutions to market due to a lack of: IoT connectivity knowledge, a network that can meet their global needs, and a proven process to manage devices effectively long term.
This IoT-as-a-Service solution brought by a combination of Webbing’s global network, with kitting, logistics, and managed services portfolio of Wireless Analytics offers an innovative “one stop” solution.
Challenges: Lack of internal resources and SME’s to procure, deploy, manage, and update retail electronic kiosks across 3,000 retail locations throughout Europe and North America in major retailers for consumers to demo and sample high-end music systems.
Needed the ability to scale from 100 to 3,000 devices with ease in a short time frame.
IoT services can be complicated to budget; the client needed straight forward, predictable pricing
Solution: Wireless Analytics performed a detailed analysis to help procure the IoT routers and identify a best of breed LTE IoT partner. Wireless Analytics kitting and logistics team received all routers from the international router manufacturer. It activated the SIM, provisioned the router with custom firmware, tracked it with its inventory management tool, and provided global shipping options for final deployment.
Webbing’s advanced multi-IMSI network, which intelligently identifies the best Tier 1 wireless provider on each individual data session, eliminating the need to do extensive coverage map analysis and site surveys. This plug and play solution, saved countless hours and frustration in deployment and ongoing management of these LTE connections.
Webbing provides advanced security and content filtering at the network layer within our regional ISP POPs blocking and reporting on viruses and malware, while also helping enterprises maintain compliancy and eliminate personal bandwidth hogs like Netflix and other streaming services.
The successful, innovative approach accomplished by the partnership between Webbing and Wireless Analytics, a solution was delivered As-A-Service to the client to include the LTE connectivity, router deployment, and ongoing managed services to ensure optimal long-term management at a fixed cost; the program will scale with little additional requirements on the client.
Partner and customer feedback has been positive on Webbing’s new Smart SIM in both the IOT and LTE connected tablet verticals, as coverage map analysis paralysis has been difficult to manage in the US alone, let alone trying to manage across hundred’s of global locations.
Ezwim – Self-Service Ordering and MACD Portal Solutions. Ezwim has been using technology and deep integration capability to advance core business strategies and increase profitability for our clients and partners.
Challenges – Under their old process, one carrier client averages 27 minutes per order through data entry in multiple new and legacy systems, including SAP and Apple DEP
At an average of 9,000 orders per month, this comes out to almost a quarter of a million hours of human interaction per month for regular order-processing operations.
In addition there are costs maintaining a local access database with singular catalogs per client.
Solution – Ezwim’s self-service ordering portal PaaS offering and integration capability enables end-clients to enter their own orders. Administrators can provide direct access for end-users role-based catalogs & approval routing.
Orders automatically propagate to the carrier’s back end, and put the entire process of MDM enrollment into the client’s hands through the same interface via Apple DEP integration, reducing the 27 minute per order touch-time to approximately 5-10 minutes of processing per order.
Benefits –

  • 2MM man-hours saved per year
  • Administrator & end user ordering w/ approval routing
  • Catalog consolidation & client flexibility
  • Real-time stock level visibility & order status
  • Single-click Apple DEP enrollment
  • Ezwim offers similar functionality to global enterprise WEM clients, providing an ISO 27001:2013-certified single-stack solution that incorporates expense, asset, and service management for carrier programs in 50 + countries, role-based self-service procurement catalogs, automated approval routing, and single-click Apple DEP enrollment in one powerful integrated interface.

Tangoe Managed Mobility Services (MMS) suite:

  • Mobile Deployment and Support: End-to-end management of the mobile device lifecycle, to ensure client end-users have a fully kitted and staged device that works right out of the box.
  • Mobile Policy Governance: Set-up, monitoring, enrollment and security support on leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) stacks to help monitor and manage mobile effectively through seamless integration of the EMM stack with a client’s infrastructure and network.
  • Mobile Expense Optimization: Summarized view of all mobile expenses and bills with an optimization plan showing potential cost savings with preferred mobile service for users

Tangoe provides support at every stage of the lifecycle for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices: deployment, setup, management, repairs, replacement, and recycling, with a variety of options for enterprise and all end-user environments. Tangoe’s MMS simplifies traditional management mobility services, and provides support 24x7x365 in 14 languages, with 38 MMS/TEM patents, to serve multinational organizations.
It has reduced client expenses by 30%, optimized operational costs, increased strategic mobility investments, and a simplified secure experience.

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