Benefits of ETMA Membership

Benefits of ETMA Membership from a Members Point of View
Joining the Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA formerly TEMIA) as a member comes with a wide range of benefits: networking and partnerships, industry trends, Ethics Code and more…Previously known as the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association, the association has taken great strides to grow and evolve along with the changing landscape of TEM and MMS. As part of the IT industry, being a part of ETMA is a great way to network with like-minded IT industry leaders and innovators, while building relationships and partnerships. It also provides a way to keep up with industry trends surrounding technology and telecom expense management, and a well-established code of ethics to adhere to.
Networking & Partnerships
As a player in the IT industry, being a part of ETMA is a great way to network with like-minded IT industry leaders and innovators. The association provides great opportunities for C-Level networking, business development, and collaboration. Both companies looking for platforms, and companies that use platforms can be found within the ETMA network, making it easy to make new connections and meet relevant people. On that note, forming and developing partnerships is a key benefit to becoming a member of ETMA.
Developing these partnerships and collaborating with other organizations is a great way to expand your own skill set and abilities. By forming partnerships, TEM companies expand and strengthen their potential significantly, thus helping them offer even better services to their customers. As a TEM vendor, you want to be able to give your customer base the best possible solutions that will help drive business growth. Networking and partnerships play a large role in this process.
Industry Trends
Learning about and staying on top of industry trends is another great component to joining ETMA. With so much happening and the TEM industry evolving with new and upcoming tech trends, there are many activities, events, and exciting changes to keep up with. As a member of ETMA, you will always be on top of things and well-informed about the latest industry news.
Being informed about industry news is a great way to make your own contributions to the TEM industry. As a ETMA member, you are helping shape the way that telecom and technology expense management is evolving. Not only does becoming a member entail being well-informed on industry trends, but it also involves making positive contributions to the industry.
Code of Ethics
The ETMA Code of Ethics is an essential part of what makes being a ETMA member a worthy title. Before the code was written and implemented, organizations would often make bold and unverified claims about their product and capabilities. Many of these statements conflicted with one another, making the customers experience that much more difficult. By creating the Code of Ethics, companies establish credibility through adhering to industry standards and expectations.
The code ensures that TEM, MMS and companies in related fields are all playing by the same rules, and contributing to the TEM industry on the same level. Resolving disputes can be done in a diplomatic way, leaving members at ease. The ETMA Ethics Committee in many ways provides a service for its members, where everyone is held to the same standards of excellence and accuracy, thus making for a level playing field. Tensions and frustration between competing TEM organizations are handled fast and efficiently, and much less prevalent in an association where everyone is following the same rules and guidelines.

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