Energy Utility


The client is a $7 billion energy utility operating in the United States.


The majority of the client’s wireline and wireless contracts were scheduled to expire in the same timeframe, presenting the client with the perfect opportunity to conduct a large-scale benchmark and RFQ project.


A dedicated Technology Audit team, led by a Project Manager, gathered and organized the client’s current inventory.  This focused effort resulted in a complete picture of the client’s POTS lines, circuits, wireless devices, wireless plans and more.

Using updated inventory, along with the existing contracts and vendor agreements, enabled the TEM provider to perform a detailed cost analysis powered by its extensive storehouse of industry benchmarking data, maintained through a constant review of the telecommunications market.

The client’s in-house procurement team to create specific goals and objectives for each of the services that were being pursued as part of the RFQ.  Driven by the benchmarking analysis, the TEM provider managed the RFQ process, including response compilation and recommendations.

Following several vendor negotiations mediated by the TEM provider, contracts with the chosen vendors were signed.  A complete post-negotiation audit to ensure that new rates and SLAs had been properly implemented.


The project produced savings of $1,560,000 by consolidating buying power through a formal bidding process to manage both mobile and wireline service purchases.

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