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GardaWorld provides comprehensive currency, check and coin management solutions for banking and retail businesses and offers a full line of cash management solutions. Their Cash Services platform, successfully established in Quebec, Ontario and across the United States, has the most expansive footprint in North America. Their 10,000 cash services employees process over $5 billion in currency from 180+ secure transaction centers. GardaWorld’s innovative technology and expertise in logistics assist their clients to securely and efficiently move and manage cash and other valuables so they can enjoy greater productivity and profitability.


GardaWorld’s Cash Services platform requires 100% uptime for its voice and data networks to ensure the safety of its employees, protection of clients’ valuables and timely processing of client transactions. With over 200 locations across 41 states, GardaWorld requires strict security and uptime for data integrity and communication protocols. Prior to vCom, GardaWorld managed multiple telecom/data carriers, multiple technologies and hundreds of monthly invoices. With the significant acquisition activity and its organic sales growth, timely installation and ongoing support of new and increased network bandwidth was critical to ensure uninterrupted secure services for its business. GardaWorld needed a partner with the expertise to design a fault tolerant architecture, vet and source “right fit” data and telecom carriers, and the tools to effectively manage its wireline, mobile and collaboration spend. Additionally, the partner needed to be able to manage the ongoing moves, adds, changes, and disconnects along with the allocation of expenses to its facilities and users, a time consuming, complicated, and error-prone process.


GardaWorld migrated all of its services to vCom, a single managed services provider that understood GardaWorld’s stringent requirements and negotiated with various carriers to meet GardaWorld’s needs. All services and inventory were consolidated under vCom’s purview, to be managed through its cloud-based management platform, vManager. All sourcing, order management, trouble escalation, service moves or changes, and inventory were handled by vCom’s professional services team. vCom worked closely with GardaWorld’s IT team to customize reporting and enhanced the functionality of the vManager software to better meet GardaWorld’s unique business needs.


To ensure fault tolerance and uptime, vCom worked closely with GardaWorld’s IT Team to identify requirements, source the various carrier options, and manage the implementation. GardaWorld achieved GardaWorld received a single bill for all of its many disparate wireline and collaboration services. The custom designed GL coding and AP posting integrated directly a robust voice and data network to meet its 100% uptime objective while significantly reducing its expense. Further with GardaWorld’s J.D. Edwards ERP system to meet its complex cost allocation scheme. As a result of this automation, they were able to reallocate one F TE who had previously been devoted to invoice processing. In addition to efficiency, GardaWorld also gained complete visibility and control over technology spend across its entire portfolio of services and locations, which would have been impossible to attain with hundreds of monthly paper invoices. Finally, GardaWorld now had a single point of contact for all its technology needs.

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