Government End Point Management

Business Issues

  1. SCCM not cost effective and difficult to manage
  2. Limited IT support capabilities
  3. Legacy Win10 & MacOS management tools
  4. Cumbersome onboarding and imaging process


  • Houston Metro requested pilot of Workspace ONE Win10 & MacOS modern management capabilities to validate solution before purchasing additional licenses
  • Houston Metro had no way to deliver OTA (over the air) patches to mobile Win10 devices
  • Houston Metro devices were being deployed without encryption
  • Houston Metro lost SCCM admin and became cost prohibitive and difficult to support
  • Houston Metro onboarding process took multiple days to image a new device
  • Houston Metro had no consistent method of remotely managing phones, tablets and laptops

Solutions & Products

  • Win10 Modern Management
  • Advanced Remote Management
  • Expand & Enhance Use Cases
  • Workspace ONE Shared SaaS
  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)
  • Workspace ONE Access
  • Workspace ONE PerApp VPN
  • Workspace ONE Assist (Advanced Remote Management)

Customer Value Delivered

  • Demonstrated customer business outcomes
  • Improved customer satisfaction and demonstrated added value of Workspace ONE
  • Optimized and improved customer environment
  • Client was able to evaluate the solution first, and expand more licenses after pilot phase

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