Defining BYOD

Many articles take positions on the virtues and perils of Bring Your Own Device to work (BYOD), but what exactly is BYOD? Does it just apply to smartphones? Does it include all devices including laptops? What about applications and cloud services? Should the acronym be BYO or Bring Your Own?

Chris Marsh of Yankee Group has an interesting take on this regarding TEM and its place in terms of the value chain and commoditization.. You can access the recording online at MDM Is Dead. Long Live EMM.

ETMA’s Industry Standards committee recently discussed this topic, and many committee members feel that it should apply to anything (all devices and applications) that have telecommunications services associated with it and access the corporate network. The corporate network includes corporate internets, corporate intranets and carrier services purchased by the corporation with hops onto local networks: guest networks or core networks with SIP or VoIP services that are controlled by enterprise, ISDN or next generation MPLS services.

What do you think?

  1. Should ETMA only highlight traditional “TEM/WEM” functions associated with usage, cost management and invoice processing?
  2. Should we exclude IT or mobile application security? (The idea is that other specialist firms will focus on security related areas and to bring these other areas into the framework and discussion of best practices.)
  3. Should we only focus on best practices and things that most of our current member are great at executing today?
  4. Do we need to broaden our focus to reflect what clients are addressing?
  5. Is there a middle ground to raise the issues of IT and mobile application security as part of our BYOD framework, but state that it is not part of TEM and WEM and Telecommunications Management?

I would like to get your opinion on this issue. Please comment or contact me.

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