Denise Booms-Pepin, At-Large Board Member; CEO of CBI & GTEM™ Solutions

“Growing our platform for distributing industry trends, insights, and our membership’s evolving products and technology is an important function of ETMA. I look forward to contributing to that growth and expanding the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between our expanding and diverse membership.

In many cases we are competitors, so it is essential that our organization maintains a “safe and practical” way for interaction to take place. Like ETMA, I am passionate about promoting strong industry ethics. Setting standards and consistency in our industry benefits everyone! My 31 plus years of making decisions based on a code of ethics has been the foundation of my success and something I am happy to share for our mutual benefit.”

Grow and transform your business with new…

  • Operational efficiencies for back-office processes.
  • Sales through partnerships.

Network smarter with other leaders.

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