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F100 wireless device cost managementCustomer
The client is F100 company with over 10,000 BlackBerry’s, Aircard and cellular devices that are in the process of implementing two corporate-level contracts for AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless Services.

The client needs to inspect all past invoices to clear up any billing discrepencies, obtain credits from any billing errors and migrate all of the users to one or the other of the service providers and service contracts depending on usage requirements and geographical coverage.
RadiusPoint was contracted by the client to audit all past invoices and capture credits from any billing errors. Furthermore, RadiusPoint was responsible for migrating each end-user to one of the two corporate contracts depending on specific parameters.

RadiusPoint managed the Exception reporting process for all users that were unable to move to the new corporate contracts immediately and processed the corporate invoices on a monthly basis and identified those users that had over-utilized and those that had under-utilized their contracted plan minutes. RadiusPoint audited and identified employees that had been using the purchase card system to pay for individual liable plans and moved those users to the corporate account.
RadiusPoint created a Register Your Line online database to gather correct allocation and coding information as well as end-user employee ID verification so that effective management of the wireless devices and their financial impacts could occur.
RadiusPoint also issued Wireless Activity reports to every end-user that included rate plan information as well as call detail records on a monthly basis viaemail. This created a revenue stream for this company by requiring the end-user to reimburse the company for personal calls made on their company-issued devices.


RadiusPoint identified and reconciled more than $450,000 in refunds for this organization and saved them over $830,000 in Exception reporting the first year of service.

For more information:
RadiusPoint, founded in 1992, is a multi-solution provider for expense management services for telecom, utility (energy), and most recently, loss prevention. The RadiusPoint solution utilizes our intelligent software, ExpenseLogic, to provide a single source management solution for the financial, operations, and technology departments for our clients. RadiusPoint brings centralization and validation to the procure-to-pay lifecycle of telecom, loss prevention, and utility/energy expenses.
This case study is provided by the ETMA member company, RadiusPoint who are solely responsible for the content.

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