Help Desk Best Practice: The Knowledge Base

How can an enterprise mobility help desk respond accurately, consistently and efficiently to hundreds of calls? 
To understand the best practices of an enterprise mobility help desk, one must first know what the goals of running a help desk are and why those goals matter. The goal of a wireless help desk is to resolve issues in the quickest way possible while maintaining high levels of consistency and accuracy. This allows the mobile device users to spend as little time as possible dealing with their wireless woes while building trust with the help desk. 
The knowledge base (KB) should be a tool that helps streamline the acquisition of information by being simple and up-to-date. This task is made difficult by the complexity of each client and the wireless industry, which makes good management of the KB even more important.  
A help desk should be able to take 100 calls from 100 different people with the same question, and get the same answer 10 times. How can a help desk accomplish this feat? The quickest way to –answer that question is to find out what the help desk uses for a KB. More importantly how the help desk ensures the information in the KB is always updated quickly, that it is correct, and it is easy to access by the agents taking calls. When done well the KB allows agents to be faster and more consistent by applying strict formatting rules to the entire KB, housing pre-written templates, and reducing the number of clicks it takes to get to information.  
When a help desk manages a KB correctly, a few things happen naturally. Call times will go down since the help desk agent has full access to a client’s info in one or two clicks. Call volume will decrease over time. Once a user trusts the help desk they will not make multiple calls to try and get a different answer, and more issues are resolved on the first call thanks to the accuracy of the information. Lastly, end users will experience less frustration over all. A help desk is nothing but a group of people, and even if an agent is correct and fast, the experience can be a bad one. Having a KB that our agents trust allows them to work with lower levels of stress so they can be more compassionate to end users as they call, and that is just as important as the rest of the points mentioned earlier.   
Founded in 2005 and minority owned, G Squared Wireless got it’s start by managing 3,000 lines for an international business with North American headquarters in Nashville. Since then, G Squared has grown to support over 350,000 devices across the globe. More than 1,000,000 support tickets have been successfully resolved, and our service suite includes mobile device management, logistics, and procurement, as well as a highly-trained 24/7/365 help desk.
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