More than Just Cost Control: 4 Ways MMS Providers Now Enable the Enterprise

While cost control and savings still play a key role in managed mobility services (MMS), MMS companies today are about enabling the enterprise.
Four ways a MMS Business Can Enable the Enterprise.
A decade ago, the Managed Mobility Services (MMS) industry was still early in its development.  Back then, when a client would turn to a MMS provider for assistance, it was typically for cost control. Let us be clear: the cost savings that come with turning to a 3rd-party MMS for help are still very real – Blue Hill reported in 2017 that companies can see a three-year ROI return of 184% by outsourcing managed services instead of not acting on the problem.
While cost savings still plays a key role in MMS business growth, the past decade has seen an evolution of what the client has demanded from a MMS company. Managed mobility services companies today are no longer just about cost control, they are about enabling the enterprise.
Here are four diverse ways our industry is now enabling the enterprise:
1. User experience – Our industry is now experiencing a “shift left” to putting the power into the employee’s hands. Clients expect MMS providers to make sure that their employees get the best user experience possible when having to deal with corporate mobile devices – and that can come by the creation of self-help guides/apps or a trained support team. Our industry should be able to streamline processes to create great user experiences, across divisions, and across the globe. This can be achieved by quick device provisioning and deployment and ongoing visibility/white-glove support for the entire device lifecycle. End users get the devices in their hands quickly and the support they need, wherever they are, thus avoiding major downtime.
2. Security – With the growth of corporate devices, companies are more vulnerable to data attacks than ever. According to Wandera, malware installation packages found striking mobile devices more than tripled in 2016, resulting in almost 40 million attacks globally. Clients want MMS providers to help them get a better handle on security and manage that security. Wireless Analytics is now being asked by many clients to implement security solutions like Wandera to help protect devices.
3. Data – When it comes to telecom data, clients now want better insight into how their telecom spend is working. Our industry is expected to show clients more than just how they’re saving money every month on data – we need to explain how data is being used, so the client can understand the behavior of their end users, and what steps must be taken to encourage productivity and good behavior.
More than Just Mobility – Clients today have needs that expand beyond the classic smartphone and tablet approach. Our industry is getting approached to provide solutions for connected devices everywhere. As Smart Grids come online, industrial equipment reports back when maintenance is really needed, and even robots continue to get connected to the Internet, our industry will be counted on to enable the digital transformation of the modern enterprise.
4. Internationally – Companies with global offices are now asking our industry to find solutions not just domestically, but internationally as well. MMS providers should be able to streamline operations, providing a consistent and exceptional user experience regardless of country.  While lower costs for end users is still important (by this year, wireless carriers are expected to earn $42 billion in global roaming charges) – it is about much more than that. Whether it is billing visibility, procurement, help desk, or policy development, a unified mobility process for each country is vital.
About Wireless Analytics
Wireless Analytics, one of the original wireless mobility management pioneers, has spent the past 13+ years helping enterprise organizations manage wireless mobility—with a near 100% client retention rate! Today, Wireless Analytics manages mobility for businesses with 100 devices to over 20,000 devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and even good-old Blackberry devices. We offer effective programs for BYOD and corporate-liable devices including cell phones, data cards, smartphones, tablets, and internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices. We offer complete mobility lifecycle management solutions, delivered flexibly. In other words, based on what you need, you can leverage our proprietary cloud-based CLEAN Platform™ (Carrier Lifecycle Expense Analytics) for complete visibility into wireless usage, spending, mobile assets, order procurement and policy compliance. Moreover, our help desk supports your end-users anywhere in the world. In fact, our professional IT engineers can implement any one of a variety of mobile device management (MDM) software solutions—or other mobility solutions in your current environment— quickly and without strain on your internal IT staff and resources. Contact us today and put our nearly decade and a half of experience to work for you.

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