Telecom Expense Management Saves the Environment while Cutting Expenses

Telecom/Technology Expense Management supports Earth Day and the environment. Learn how this dynamic industry helps enterprises reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

The Enterprise Technology Management Association (ETMA), wants people to think about TEM as a way to support Earth Day and the environment. TEM helps organizations trackutilization of all technology/telecom network assets and analyze how their technology investments are contributing to the top line, controlling the bottom line and their impact on the environment.

Comprehensive TEM programs support green initiatives through adoption of IP Telephony services, server virtualization and the use of more energy efficient hardware. All aspects of the telecom environment should be evaluated for efficiency and cost saving opportunities. With online execution and electronic distribution of reports TEM solutions, reduce use of paper. Firms can access online reporting to avoid wasting paper and more efficiently locate telecom call records.
Bram Cool, general manager at Ezwim, commented: “TEM services help many of our clients become greener with online bill presentment. This paperless billing strategy not only saves paper, but electronic processing also saves time and money. Other important benefits include the ability to search for archived electronic invoices online and retrieve these instantly. It is a clear win-win situation for both industry and the environment.”
Gary Storm, president and chief executive officer of vCom Solutions, added: Paper invoices account for the loss of millions of trees yearly. Carriers typically send multiple invoices by location and/or product. Some do not give the customer the option of suppressing details, which results in a lot of waste. vCom is helping customers go green by providing one single electronic invoice for all services from any carrier nationwide, and then loading that directly into our TEM software.
Simon Mendoza, chief technology officer of MDSL, commented: “A leading bank contacted us to address a logistical problem, as its monthly bills were being delivered, on a wooden palette using a forklift truck. We were able to help them not just to eliminate what amounted annually to tons of wasted resources and energy, but also save them a great deal on their operational costs through our TEM program. Simon continued: “It’s not just invoicing, a true TEM system automates the whole process from procurement to payment – cutting out the paperwork and generating additional efficiencies in, for example, the ordering and approval process. Companies are also turning to us to assist in their wireless lifecycle management, to ensure handsets are tracked and either recycled effectively across the organisation or disposed of in a safe and proper manner”
James Price, president of ICOMM, stated: “Our clients use TEM automation to accomplish multiple goals. TEM creates efficiency and accuracy during invoice reviews, it helps optimize their IT spend which helps reduce costs, and it eliminates the cost and environmental impact of handling so much paper. So it’s both good for the environment and good for business in general.”
Many organizations are leveraging TEM solutions and applying TEM principles to improve management of other areas of technology. This new vision for TEM reflects a proactive best practice framework in which analytics and business intelligence help drive value. The market for TEM solutions is growing as more organizations learn about this dynamic industry that helps enterprises reduce their carbon footprint by improving management of telecom services and save money through optimizing inefficient processes.

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