TEM RFPs – Guide to Evaluating TEM Solutions

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The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association, (ETMA) is publishing this TEM RFP Template to help educate the market and reduce the time for organizations to buy a TEM solution. This paper provides valuable information on understanding TEM and identifying things to look for even if you do not plan to issue RFP.  ETMA will also be developing a paper on RFPs for TEM software engagements.

Good RFPs enable businesses and government agencies to evaluate competing proposals in an efficient and fair manner. ETMA’s goal is to streamline the RFP process by ensuring that RFPs contain information that enable evaluation teams to select the best supplier for their needs, while avoiding common mistakes that come from using RFP templates and standard language that fails to address customization required for TEM programs. Please do not skip the first sections of this document!

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