Using the Hotspot feature on your smartphone for high speed Internet access

The term “Hotspot” refers to a device that can provide high speed Internet access to as many as five other devices at one time. All wireless carriers offer a selection of Hotspot devices. During this unprecedented time in which more people than ever are working from home, trying to find a Hotspot device, new or used, is quite difficult due to demand. There is another way of getting Hotspot service, without having to buy another device or enter into an agreement with a wireless carrier.

Smartphones are now equipped with a Hotspot feature. You can use this feature to connect as many as five (5) devices and have access to high speed Internet on your wireless carrier’s network. Before activating you should contact your carrier to learn the additional charges for this feature. Because it is a feature, it can be added and removed with no contractual commitment. Prices will vary from carrier to carrier. Once your carrier has activated the feature, you can enter your phones settings to activate the Hotspot service. Use this link to find instructions on more common phone models.

Bob Lafon, Global Director of Mobility, Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations

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