Telecom Expense Management Industry Association, ETMA, Affirms Mission and Top Priorities at Boston Meeting

ETMA provides networking opportunity for its members, sets new goals and discusses the future of TEM as it works to help member companies maximize their investments in the association.


The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association the authoritative voice for Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and solutions providers in related areas recently hosted a meeting for its members in Boston.  Twenty-five companies and 31 attendees came to the meeting.  The Solution Providers represented a wide range of different approaches to Telecom Expense Management, Wireless Expense Management, Mobile Device Management and other related areas.

ETMA’s meeting provided a unique opportunity for some of the best-known TEM Solution Providers to break from competing for client business to do some networking and exchange their views.  There was a palpable buzz from lively networking during the breaks. Through this meeting and its other programs, ETMA’s forum also provided industry thought leaders opportunities to build a positive future for the TEM market.

“Companies are experiencing explosive growth across their smartphone landscape. With BYOD initiatives and new corporate policy issues, there is a need for MDM, mobile anti-theft and recovery. This creates a unique opportunity for ETMA to take a leadership role across the industry…I found that the ETMA meeting enabled executives to collaborate, take on tough issues and share best practices which strengthen why ETMA members matter,” said Ralph A. Rodriguez Chairman and CEO of New Technologies and Associates.

“This was my first time attending a ETMA meeting. Despite our differences, it was amazing to see how we can work together to address many common industry challenges,” said Greg McIntyre, President of Tellennium Group. “The meeting also helped solidify my support for ETMA in its ability to bring greater awareness to the TEM/WMM industry while establishing foundational standards and ethical practices. It was great to see how the experiences of ETMA members play a role in shaping the association’s agenda and decision-making. I definitely plan on attending more meetings in the future,” he added.

“ This meeting was a much more positive experience for me than the previous meetings I have attended, because those meetings coincided with trade shows held during the day, leaving only a few hours after dinner to conduct ETMA business, when people were tired and less able to focus.  In contrast, I found this meeting to be very extremely productive… because we had a full dedicated day to focus on ETMA issues.” said Roger Challen, a Director of Mer Telemanagement Solutions, LTD.

“There is something magical that occurs at ETMA meetings we see the depth of thought-leadership within the association, the diversity of vendors (large and small, comprehensive and niche) and gauge the overall health of our industry,” said James Price ETMA executive board president, and president of ICOMM Consulting. “It was interesting to see how the group kept returning to the themes of focusing on things that are achievable and staying on course with its mission of promoting TEM/WEM/MDM to grow the market,” added Price.

In the weeks that led to the dinner, ETMA added three new members.  Many of the founding members of ETMA and executive board members noted that the organization has grown.  Membership growth marks an important achievement in terms of how industry participants see the value of ETMA.

ETMA’s Executive Board charters eight committees, which manage the work of the association. Most committees meet once a month by phone to advance the goals of the association through collaboration and dialog. Last year ETMA’s focus was the Ethics Code. With this initiative firmly established, ETMA is ready to tackle some new priorities.

ETMA has clear deliverables from this meeting that will enable it to build on its past success and help its member companies maximize their investments in the association.  There is work to do on The Future of TEM, Market Sizing, and Market Health.  In addition, ETMA has some clear action items to develop future papers and surveys for its members. Finally, the association also has clarity on areas where it will work with its members to expand internationally.

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